Thank you for trust in me...


I've been Online for over 15 years - ah, and failed for most them! 

But, I am persistent, if nothing else, and I kept going . I am now retired and living the 'Internet Lifestyle' in the beautiful countryside of Northern Thailand.


However, it is not  a sedate retirement, as my purpose in this

life is to help as many people as I can to raise their personal vibrations and become successful at whatever they want.

I'm an ex PE and Art & Design Teacher,

Now I'm a Professional Artist & Designer, Author,

Personal Success Mentor and Internet Entrepreneur....and lover of life!

YOUR Success-is-MY Success

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By getting my book MMM you have given me your trust, and I am now committed to repaying that trust. I certainly do not consider you as simply a 'number' on a list to bombard with sales pitches for all the new 'shiny objects' that are constantly being introduced Online - which only creates more....debt for you!

I will ONLY email if you want me to - and only send you what you need, to create a 'Freedom' creating income.

I look forward to (hopefully) getting to know a little more about you and to helping you get out of the endless debt cycle - and for you to achieve the life you deserve.

The life you were meant to live...maybe even the "Internet Lifestyle...?"

If you haven't got MMM yet - it IS one of the most powerful e-books you will ever read...

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These are the reasons I am so passionate about wanting to try to change the world for the better...

I want to leave this life of mine knowing that I have tried my best to start making the world a better place for my two beautiful daughters - and my two awesome grandsons.

Of course I cannot make much difference to the world by myself...but, by me working TOGETHER with YOU to get some success - and raising our own personal vibrations - between us - we CAN make a difference...

It is my passion – my reason for being, to help as many people free themselves from debt as I can. After almost a lifetime of being in debt myself I know only too well, what frustration and despair it causes. A seemingly never-ending cycle.

The 'Internet Lifestyle' of time and financial freedom – is touted everywhere Online as being the answer...the solution to getting out of debt – and to finally start living life as it should be. Unfortunately, the Internet is simply a minefield of scams, and people claiming to want to help others to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. When, of course these people are ONLY interested in their OWN financial success. They really could care less about yours. There are only about 3% of people who try to make money Online actually succeed. Unfortunately this is because personal Greed overcomes Integrity with many people involved in promoting and selling Internet business opportunities, and programs, and courses.

How am I different from these people? I have no interest in becoming rich for myself. I love my simple lifestyle as it is. However, I have recently removed my 'abundance blocks' and I am currently endeavouring, with great passion, to manifest more money into my life. So that I can fulfil my own personal success goals - to change the lives of others...

I really am genuine about helping other people, rather than just myself. And of course the more I help others – the more success I gain personally anyway...and the more success I gain, the more people I can help – and so on...

This really is a wonderful way to live life!

One of the first steps towards gaining Personal Success (in anything) is eliminating the stress and anxiety caused by Debt. Unfortunately debt is a fact of life for most people. The world's monetary debt-based usury system is actually designed to ensure most people get into, and remain, in debt! Of course this is wrong. However, by myself I can not do much to alter this situation...but, many people working TOGETHER can make changes for the better.​​​​​​​

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